Thursday, September 16, 2004

The Simpsons 

Homer ditando a Bart uma carta para Mr. Burns:

Homer: "Dear Mr. Burns, i´m so glad you enjoyed my sons blood, and you card was just great. In case you can´t tell i´m being sarcastic. You stink! You are a senile bucktooth with boney girl arms, and you smell like... like..."

Bart: like an elephants but?

Homer: Like an elephants butt!!! heheh

No dia seguinte Homer arrepende-se de ter posto a carta no correio e vai ao posto tentar reave-la antes que seja entregue:

Homer: Hello...my name is Mister Burns...i beleive you have a letter for me...

P.O. Clerk: Ok Mr. Burns, whats your first name?

Homer: I...don´t...know...

Mr. Burns planeia a vingança contra Homer depois de ter lido a carta:

Mr. Burns: I could crush him like an ant, but it would be too easy. Revenge is a dish that is best served cold....i´ll just bide my time and....Oh what the heck, i´ll just crush him like an ant!

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